Clyde’s & Cones @ Fore Scoops 3-5pm

By Steiner Artisan Farm (other events)

3 Dates Through Jun 11, 2023

Grab your tickets, head to Fore Scoops, get your favorite treat and hop on the big redone red wagon! Family private ride, special event group... can be booked please text ahead to schedule 484-860-2494 About a 30 minute drive from Fore Scoops around the pretty back roads. Plenty of time for photos with the horses. Wagon seats up to 8 adults & a few kiddos! Easy on steps and a comfortable ride! Weather permitting, refunds in the event we do get rained out. Adults must accompany children. We look forward to seeing you! Thank you Lisa & Skyler Steiner and Lucy & Angus! See our FB page too!